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Marketing & Brand Communications Championista

Specialising in fixed term contracts, I devise, define and develop successful low cost, high return, advertising, marketing and digital solutions to create revenue generating sales, increased turnover, positive cash flow and dramatically higher profits.

My expertise for the past 20 years involves complete responsibility for creative invention and leadership delivering integrated offline brand and online digital solutions for domestic National UK clients such as British Gas, Budgens, Anglian Water, Marsh McLennan, Pepsico, Vantage Insurance, and a host of owner proprietor  SME businesses including Sussex Pianos,  Juracycle Clothing, Coolertech, amongst others in Entertainment, Sport, Consulting, Finance, Food and The Professions – as well as international clients including Quaker Oats, Birds Eye, McCain Foods, Ryobi Tools and Jim Beam. I have been based in the UK (London) Netherlands (Eindhoven) and USA (New YorkChicago and Miami) though London and the South East UK is where I now reside permanently.

Jake Judd



I come with the complete spectrum of marketing disciplines focusing on innovative and compelling online digital marketing and social media – creating a community of dedicated, interested, loyal, brand followers and eulogists. Sales success and winning new business lie at the heart of a world class digital strategy to engage and encourage trial, brand loyalty, customer retention and a gold standard reputation. As your marketing gatekeeper I will help build a community of unstoppable influencers.

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What People Say

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If you want to survive, thrive and dominate in your marketplace, if you own or are a senior director/shareholder in a large, small or medium sized business you must ask me about my practical workshops.

I can create the environment where your brand has a voice, talks to the right audience, is understood and communicates to existing customers and new prospects promises, delivers and solidifies relationships.

It is important that your brand digitally-traditionally-socially and mentally communicates consistently the messages you want to deliver but also messages and interactions that your customers and clients feel suitably engaged with in order to acknowledge, eulogise and share internally amongst staff and colleagues but more importantly externally to your chosen audience. Your brand is an ethos, a way of living, acting, buying, engaging and it must like Heinz tomato sauce when liberally spread over hand cut chips, ooze the same type of deliciousness and excite the metaphorical tastebuds so that buying and buy in are the only choices.

Three Steps To Brand Heaven

1. Define Strategy

1 2 3

I will help you create a distinct competitive advantage.

  • Knowing your Audience – staying one step ahead of the so called “competition” means you must have a deep understanding your valuable customers. With this knowledge you can anticipate their needs and preempt moves from others.
  • Creating a Superior Value Proposition will bond your business and brand with the needs of your most valuable audiences.
  • Define your Brand – ensures that all facets of your brand are securely in place, including values, personality and a honest reason for being.
  • Define your Brand Positioning – I will pinpoint the specific space in the market that your brand could truly own and take possession of.
  • Establish the Brand Vision, Mission and Strategy – together, we’ll decide what your brand represents and what it will be famous for and how it should connect with your customers and audience(s).
  • Innovation Strategy – defining the priority of new product and service development so as to continually build new and repeat business.

2. Making it Happen!

1 2 3

I will help you bring your brand strategy alive in exciting and innovative ways that will turn your customers, prospects and your staff into brand fans who in turn will champion your brand to their own networks. Personal recommendation is always the most compelling reason for new audiences to buy into a brand and feel association with it.

  • Bridging the Gap – I will guide you to understand what is required in getting your brand to where it needs to be.
  • Develop your Brand and its Identity – I will ensure your brand is fit for purpose, from brand identity development to the creation of brand guidelines, I will make sure your brand is consistent across all applications and channels online, in print and everywhere else including the minds of all those who come into its contact.
  • Create Brand Geography – I will help you identify the most effective spaces where your people and customers can experience your brand.
  • Defining the Customers Journeys and Experiences – finding ways to surprise and delight at every stage.
  • Define the Brand Direction – introducing brand standards, processes and systems that will provide a solid base upon which your people and your customers do business.
  • Engage your People – when there is change it’s vital to take staff on the journey with you. I will help them to emotionally connect to a common purpose, a creed and focus that will enhance their own performance – and your return on investment.

3. Measurement & Management

1 2 3

I will measure and monitor your brand’s performance, actively managing it to its optimum, ensuring it stays there.

  • Performance Measurement – monitoring your brand’s performance against set KPI’s
  • Brand Management – analysis and interpretation of your brand’s performance so as to create positive next actions.
  • Motivate your People – Getting them fully on board to deliver high performance and understand why.
  • Brand Refinement – ongoing monitoring and measurement will determine any adjustments needed to further improve your brand standards, processes and systems.

Let’s get to Brand heaven … together


from  £480 p/d

GOLD = x2 days p/m – PLATINUM = x5 days p/m


WINK in the DARK !

You know what you are doing — but no one else does …

As an independent marketing and creative professional with over 25 years experience in the field, I have helped countless numbers of owner proprietor SME businesses to develop low cost, high return, revenue generating sales with ✪ increased turnover ✪ better profits ✪ positive cash flow.

Increased Turnover - Better Profits - Positive Cash Flow

The current situation is unprecedented, but the ESSENTIAL RULES of how to survive and thrive have not changed. What is needed is a clear head and a ruthless prioritisation to make sure that every penny spent counts towards business progression & lasting SUCCESS.

The new normal is the new FORMAL.

If you are an SME you need to get noticed and be identified through consistent and ingeniously creative presentation of your brand across all media to see off any so called competition.

I am a Surrey based creative & marketing guy who, after 25 years of trading, recently successfully sold my advertising agency to a well known national player.

  1. Given the current world situation a company’s marketing function is often one of the first departments to be affected by financial cost reductions.
  2. The recent pandemic has wreaked havoc across the economy and the effects will go on for a while.
  3. Sadly, there will be many losers, but there will also be many survivors and some really big winners.

How can you ensure that your business comes out on top?

  • How to keep relationships with your customers alive.
  • How to think about turning a catastrophe into an opportunity.
  • Key actions you can take to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Adjusting to the new normal: strategies for success.
  • AND More ..

I have helped countless numbers of owner proprietor SME businesses to develop low cost, high return marketing and revenue generating sales with increased turnover, better profits and positive cash flow.

Marketing creates the environment in which sales can be made so whilst I am not cheap, if you have a budget, I can undoubtedly save you money and help your business grow targeting the right prospects with the right information so they engage and make that all important – first purchase.

What is Marketing ?

Creating the environment in which SALES can be made.

What you get ...


A no nonsense intelligent assessment of your current brand and proposition with recommendations for action and an estimate of any production costs. Ongoing involvement includes …



  • Thought provoking, targeted advertising campaigns that sell your message concisely with hard hitting impact that encourages productive calls to action.
  • Corporate collateral including powerful printed material, signage, clothing, vehicle and exhibition design that will invite trial and enquiries.


  • Internet users make up the mind about the quality of a website in the blink of an eye.
  • Stunning graphics and intuitive navigation are key to engaging you visitor’s call to action.


  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IGTV, YouTube and others are all indispensable tools in helping to reinforce your brand personality, creating trust and reassurance as well as winning loyalty and new business.


  • Policing your brand image means guarding the vital aspects that create trust, purchase and repeat purchase.
ROI & Savings

ROI & Savings

  • Continuous promotion of your brand.
  • Revenue generating ideas that add to your top & bottom line.
  • Regular reporting & assessment meetings to ensure return on investment.

As a senior creative and tenacious marketing exec, experienced in a wide range of industries I will get under the skin of your business acting as your “go to” marketing department, enhancing both existing revenue streams as well as helping to identify and create new ones.

  1. No VAT
  2. No National Insurance
  3. No Paid Holidays
  4. No Hassle
  5. No Problem


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Brand Building Strategy



Building a brand is an on going challenge that requires The Company to emphasise it’s differences over so called competition. These differences are its brand values and they include amongst others product quality, product variety. sophistication, exclusivity etc. Emphasis of these KEY/CORE brand values gives The Company its personality and it is this personality that existing customers are reminded of and reassured by and that prospective customers are intrigued by, find association and comfort with. Association and comfort breed and engender strong relationships. These relationships are manifested in acceptance and purchase. With continues brand support purchase is naturally followed by repeat purchase and so on.

1. Identification

Your company’s brand values need to be identified. Without identification the process of relationship building can not begin. Your company’s brand values must be emphasised through advertising, not just key-moment tactical advertising but year round strategic advertising.

2. Selection

Once identified from ‘so called’ competitors your company’s brand can be readily selected by the consumer as an option easily understood. Free from competitive “NOISE” your company and all it represents will be clearly visible.

3. Communication

Once selection has taken place your company’s brand can begin to communicate, now to a captive audience, everything from product/service detail, to the most important – the features and benefits of a positively engineered relationship.

4. Differentiation

This clear communication leads to your company’s brand being differentiated from all others. Once differentiation has been established your brand’s personality becomes clear and relationships are both formed and strengthened.


Brand Projection

Getting Noticed

Brand Projection, as the name implies, projects the brand and sees that it always remains positive, predictable and as planned. Without development in this way, a brand will remain just a name and is unlikely to assume a character or trigger the warmth and trust which will initiate feelings that will end in positive actions.

How can Brand Projection best be achieved ?

  • By identifying the brand antennae and ensuring that they are clearly positive.
  • By ensuring the brand in all it’s manifestations displays these Antennae clearly and consistently.
  • By exploiting all media opportunities and focusing on the Brand Antennae and their requirements.
  • By underlining that the BRAND and the PRODUCT/SERVICE are one and the same and that by projecting one the other is projected too. A properly handled brand has the power to create a progressively strengthening relationship by conveying R,F,P.

Reassurance Friendship Promise

Your Corporate Identity is a living thing, growing as The Company grows, identifying and differentiating with visual messages of ethos, quality and origin.

To be alive, to be in human scale it needs to reveal a degree of human involvement. This makes it accessible, warm and friendly, suggesting constancy reliability and dependability like a good friend, always there when needed.

Whatever the degree of naturalism or abstraction, it should be instantly understandable, immediately identifable and easily memorable with key features that are proprietary and relevant.

I do not believe in one single rendering style because it may be necessary to suggest attributes anywhere from serious to light hearted. That is why your brand should not automatically be identified with any fad or fashion. It is vital that your brand and its contribution to life is seen as worthwhile and timeless.

Your identity = a friendly face

Brand Protection

Keeping It Appropriate

It is very easy for brands to lose direction. Successive managers inherit brands with their protective structures. Inevitably, these new managers create new situations as they face new challenges and the temptation for short term solutions is hard to resist, especially if these structures are not formalised. Keeping the Brand Antennae sharp and sensitive is the task of Brand Protection.

Devaluation of the brand occurs by erosion and ultimately serious damage is done. Eventually the carefully engineered and interconnecting web of triggers does not work in unison and worst of all a different message is broadcast.

To guard against this very real possibility, it is necessary to prepare a written document with illustrations, which clearly establishes the functions of the Brand Antennae and provide guidelines which demonstrate what can and can not be done.

Naturally as time goes on, it will need to be revised in the light of changing needs. However, changes must never be made in isolation and without an overview of the ramifcations of such change. In such cases it is probably the original set of objectives that require change in order to meet the new challenges.

Creeping change is the most dangerous of all

It arrives by stealth and when the cumulative effect is reviewed the result is often devastating. A system of Brand Protection avoids ‘nasty surprises’. Changes are planned within a greater strategy and a greater result is finally achieved in the end … permanently.

Brand Aura


Delivering Promise

The power of a brand or symbol is manifested only through the mind. This is the Brand Aura. Its value is built up progressively through,

  • Confidence
  • Kinship
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Trust
  • Hearsay
  • Association

These are the key ‘Brand Antennae’

Ultimately the sum total of these experiences delivers PROMISE and it is the quality of this promise that gives a positive or negative spin to the relationship between brand and ‘buyer’ (whether it is a tangible product or intangible service).

Without a positive spin to the promise a ‘brand’ becomes a ‘non-brand’ or even a brand to be avoided. All products and services that we consume and engage with need branding so that a positively engineered relationship will be triggered by a total or even partial recall. This cause and effect can be summed up by the phrase. “Think of a brand and feel good”.

An unhappy encounter with any of these brand antennae will damage the promise and very quickly “feel good” becomes “feel bad”, sometimes even in a single experience.

It follows that this fragile web of feelers with their direct connection to the very heart of the brand must be treated with the utmost respect and care, they must be nurtured to help the brand grow strong, to help it withstand the assaults of competitive offerings.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means professional and measurable optimisation of your site that will invite interest and enquries. Together with a hand picked team of specialists I can guide you to achieve this success.



Branding & Digital Design Guru

With over 25 years in the marketing, advertising and communications business I have devised successful marketing and digital solutions for some of Europe’s leading household brands including the highest levels of direct contact within corporations such as Gallaher, Quaker Oats, Oracle, The National Trust, Marsh McLennan, British Gas and in Chicago USA with Pepsi Co, Jim Beam, Alberto, Kraft Heinz and Unilever amongst others.

Closer to home, across the South East I currently work with owner proprietor, independent businesses looking to sharpen their message, increase loyalty and target new audiences.

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